About Us

Lucky Mask Games is a Toronto based independent-game development studio whose aim is to create fun and innovative games. Founded by friends who share a passion for games, Lucky Mask thrives to bring exciting and fresh ideas to the gaming world.

Adam Carbone

Adam is a 3D modeler and animator, his love for games started at a young age and his passion for it grew with every dungeon he explored and every arrow he fired. When not playing or creating games you can find Adam either watching MacGruber or his beloved Toronto Maple leafs.

James Hooks

James is a programmer, he's been making games since he was a kid, having a blast doing what he loves striving to make fun games with innovative mechanics. When not playing or creating games you can find James swimming, mountain biking and watching movies.

Michael Kanitsch

Michael used to paint on canvas, now he paints computer screens. When he isn't making video games, Michael enjoys jamming with his band Sleepy Mean or having a glass of whisky with the hockey game.

Drop us line

Interested in our company, games or development process? Maybe you want to talk about the weather or just to say hi. Don't hesitate to send us an email, we're always excited to meet and talk to new people!